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Conference workshops

Research in information practice -  facilitated by the ALIA Research Advisory Committee

Date:         Monday 15 September 2014
Time:        9:00am - 5:00pm

Whether you are involved in a project at work or want to know how to do research into an aspect of library and information studies, this workshop will give you somewhere to start. Members of the ALIA Research Advisory Committee - practitioners and academics with a range of research skills and experience to share - will take you through important steps in the research process and facilitate hands-on activities in designing, conducting and writing up a project.

From a basic user satisfaction survey to more complex studies, research provides direction and evaluates practice. Whether conducting your own workplace research or using the research of others to develop new services or make decisions, it is important to understand how research is done, and the differences in research approaches and methods in order to determine its value.

This one day workshop is suitable for novice researchers and those with a little experience. It will cover the following:

  • the importance of research to the profession
  • creating an evidence base
  • the research process in the workplace
  • navigating red tape and ethics approvals
  • getting decision makers on side
  • discussion of completed research projects including examples of action research, case studies, surveys and comparative studies.
  • basic understanding of research methods (covering qualitative and quantitative techniques)
  • an opportunity to develop your own research idea
  • analysis of findings
  • strategies for communicating the results  

Throughout the day there will be opportunities for networking and discussing your research ideas with other participants and members of the Research Advisory Committee.

Cost:     $380 standard registration, $260 concession

Taking charge of your LIS career -  facilitated by ALIA Sydney

Date:         Monday 15 September 2014
Time:        9:00am - 5:00pm

In this fast-changing world, job descriptions change, workplaces are restructured, and new opportunities come up everyday- in places you never thought possible.

This session brings together experts inLIS recruitment, professional development, and personal branding, for a hands-on workshop allowing participants from all areas of the LIS community to:

  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Identify your skill gaps and relevant training or professional development
  • Refine your CV and learn how to best address selection criteria for your dream job
  • Develop your personal brand and build personal learning networks (PLNs)

You will leave this workshop with new knowledge, confidence, and networking skills - and, because we're feeling generous, we'll throw in a new network of awesome LIS people for free!

Cost:     $380 members, $260 member concession 

Designing awesome customer services for your library -  facilitated by State Library of Victoria and Meld Studios

Date:         Monday 15 September 2014
Time:        9:00am - 5:00pm

Service design is the intentional and thoughtful design of internal and customer-facing activities needed to deliver a service. Articulating and working towards your service vision will help realise your library's strategy. In this workshop you will learn the principles for designing and delivering consistently good customer experiences through your people, systems and processes. This workshop is facilitated by service design experts, Meld Studios, in partnership with the State Library of Victoria who have recently reviewed and redesigned their customer services based on the principles explored in this workshop.

Cost:     $380 standard registration, $260 concession

The Scholarly Journals Publication Process, from Submission to Publication - facilitated by Taylor & Francis

Date:         Thursday 18 September 2014
Time:        11:00am - 12:00 noon

Topics will include:

  • Tips and advice on how to get published
  • The modern landscape of scholarly journals publishing
  • Submission: choosing the right journal and structuring your manuscript
  • Support for authors
  • After publication: profile raising and impact

Cost:         Free of charge to registered delegates. You must be registered to attend this workshop.