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Two new grads share their mundane but successful learning journey

Michelle Coxsen, TAFE Queensland, Brisbane and Lee Bess, TAFE Queensland, SkillsTech

Tuesday 16 September 2014 – Concurrent session 7, 4:30pm to 4:55pm


We’ve all heard advice for new grads about getting out there:

  • doing your placement in the USA
  • moving to another city for work
  • swapping jobs with someone in the UK
  • volunteering in Tonga for a year
  • accepting a short-term contract in a low paying job in the hope that the organisation will give you a permanent position. 

These are all exciting options and would most certainly boost your career prospects. However, what if your family situation requires you to stay in your home town, bring in a regular reasonable wage, and simply “be there” for them? We are both in this situation – and there are many like us.

The question then is – how are we, and people like us, going to grow our career?

What do we suggest?

•           Involve yourself in professional organisations

•           Put your hand up at work for those “special projects”

•           Engage with social media

•           Read – set aside time each week for professional reading

•           Write – for professional journals

•           Start a research project

•           Attend conferences/seminars

•           Mentor – be mentored, and mentor others  

•           Be brave, speak up at meetings

As new graduates, we will relate how we have progressed our careers despite the demands of our family situations.

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